Measuring point zero

Customers that look around on your website but end up not buying anything. Exactly, as a company, these visitors are of no use. To find out why your (potential) customers don’t end up making a purchase, we always start with measuring the current status. This includes accurate data analysis, click-and-heat maps, proposition, industry and opportunities research, and possibilities/problems concerning logistics. Also, we look intensively at the intention of the visitor, why he/she visits your website, and whether he/she can navigate it properly. Based on the results of the measurements, we provide advice on all opportunities and areas for improvement. The advice at this stage includes both quick wins and strategic information about the current status of your company compared to competitors.

After the research, we take a look at solutions for the problems found. What are the current deployable human resources, and which role might need to be fulfilled? Of course, we will first work on the pages in which we can achieve the most significant optimization. In the action plan, we draw up all steps based on priority.

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