5 tips for the best content strategy


Writing good content is not always easy. But you guessed it, at FindFactory we know exactly how good content has to be written. Whether it’s an amazing blog (like this one) or a new post on Facebook, our content and social team is always at the top of their game. And you may be asking yourself, “How are they doing that?” We have listed some useful tips for you to get you started on your own.

1. Post regularly

Social media channels are platforms where many people spend a lot of time on a daily basis. On average, an Instagram user follows a few hundred accounts. Every day, this guarantees a high dose of impressions and information that you, as a company, want to stand out in. Posting once a week is a good start, but a content strategy is only complete if your target group is reminded of your brand several times a week.

Setting up a content planning is a wise choice if you want to post regularly. For example, use a content planning to prepare and schedule posts and photos every month.

2. Use emojis

Research has shown that using emojis increases the engagement of your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So make sure to choose suitable emojis for each post to activate your followers. It is, of course, essential to match the emoji’s with your brand and the channel. For example, on LinkedIn, it is not customary to use emojis that express emotion. Practical emojis are more appropriate here.

3. Use multiple channels

Different target groups are active on different social media channels. Also, users on different platforms tend to behave differently. For example, conversion objectives are more accessible to achieve via Facebook than via Instagram, and LinkedIn is ideally suited to tap into a business target group. To take advantage of all these possibilities, it is essential to know which channels your target group is located on and to be active as a brand on each of these channels. This way, you can be sure that as many people from your target group see your message.

4. Increase the interaction

It is always desirable when users interact with your content. There are several things you can do to get more people to like, comment, or interact with your post. For example, it is advisable to ask a question in the caption so that the user is invited to respond. It also helps to add multiple hashtags to the message on both Facebook and Instagram.

5. The right tone of voice

Before you start setting up a content schedule in which you post four messages with ten emojis on each channel, it is wise to determine the purpose of your posts and who you want to address. As discussed earlier, this can differ per channel. For example, you can choose to address people on LinkedIn using more polite language whereas on Facebook and Instagram your texts can be shorter and easier to read.

Of course, there is a lot more to tell about the proper use of social media for your strategy. We are happy to tell you more about it at FindFactory. Feel free to contact us!