Content needs to be relevant. That is why relevance is always our first focus. After a thorough analysis of possible search terms, we select the terms and subjects most fitted to the goals of the company. When this basis is all set, we look at opportunities in content optimization. If desired, we can take on the complete responsibility of writing and designing all content, but we can also assist you if you prefer to pick up this part yourself.

With our content team working with your brand, you can count on customized and high-quality work. We always produce content with attention for the user of your website and not just for the search engine. After all, content only succeeds when search engines see that it has been optimized for the user.

Add structure

In addition to relevance, we believe that content is inextricably linked to the structure of a website. This has to be taken into account from both SEO and the general user point of view (CRO and user experience). We apply this structure by, for example, clear title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, menu structures, and on-site content.

Search engines love user-focused content, so you can imagine that knowing your audience is essential. Armed with a sophisticated (longtail) search term research, our content team will work on topics that are popular among the target group. This way, we give the user exactly what they are looking for.

Meaningless texts that are only written to fill your website with keywords don’t work as well as you might want. That’s why for each customer (or case) we look at which tone-of-voice fits both the platform and the user. By combining SEO with a target group-oriented text, we ensure a high-quality and, above all, complete product.

Are you curious about how our SEO and Content specialists can optimize your website? Contact us for an appointment (or call). We can’t wait to tell you more about our approach!

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