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Sometimes the demand for a service or product is a bit low. Little demand results in a small number of searches and, therefore, little website traffic. To create a specific need among your target audience, it is useful to set up a solid branding campaign. Increasing brand awareness will usually result in more searches on your brand name and specific products.

Imagine you have already gained some online exposure as a brand, and you want to launch a completely new product because you know it can fill a gap in the market. We then do keyword research. In case that it shows that the term for product X is not often searched for, we select the right target group and launch a branding campaign. In the months that follow, we see a steady increase in the number of searches for product X.

We are also stimulating product line X via other channels to achieve a so-called snowball effect. We can also launch a remarketing campaign for anyone who still has doubts about product X’s purchase in the coming weeks. We design image ads in the same style as the branding campaign. We show this type of image advertisement to anyone within the target group who has not yet made a purchase.

There are many ways to promote a new product or service. The most important thing is that we select a relevant target group and aim for the most optimal placements on the web. This can be achieved on websites such as Nu.nl, YouTube, and Marktplaats, but also on various Apps and blogs from lesser-known providers (which can certainly be relevant to your target group).

Starting Display Advertising today means…

  • Increasing your brand awareness.
  • Reaching non-converters again.
  • Building a bridge between branding & activation.
  • Transfer your brand visually.
  • Start creating a search intent.

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