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Is everybody on the internet talking about you? Excellent, because that is exactly what you want. The more external websites name your company, the more valuable your content is to search engines. We call this domain authority. When your website scores high on domain authority, this will have an effect on the ranking of your website within search results. Multiple factors play a part in determining domain authority, of which the most important ones are the number of links, the quality of these links, and the number of unique domain names that link to your website. The internal link structure also plays a vital role.

As you might have noticed, links play an essential role in domain authority. Making sure that multiple high-quality websites link to your website is called linkbuilding. Linkbuilding can be done from various approaches, about which we can tell you everything.

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We have also written a blog about domain authority. In this blog, we tell you more about the possibilities with domain authority, and we explain exactly which factors are most important. Read the blog here!

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