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Almost every company is present on Facebook these days. So if you are not yet exploring its possibilities, then it is time to get to it! We also understand that this is easier said than done. What should you pay attention to when you start working on Facebook for the first time? Or what should be your focus when updating your existing profile?

In recent years, a lot has changed in Facebook’s algorithm. A few years ago, it was possible to reach about 40% of your fans with good organic content, but that percentage is now closer to 10%. Why would you still produce organic content, you may think. That is a very valid question.

Keeping an organic feed on Facebook is an integral part of your marketing strategy. However, the immediate goal may no longer be to get conversions. Still, posts on an organic timeline can show what the target group responds well to. Do you notice that specific messages produce more interaction than others? Then similar posts will most likely do well in advertising campaigns. By looking at the available data this way, organic and paid posts make a perfect pair.

Besides the fact that organic posts are a good way to respond to the wishes of the target group, they also have another critical function. It remains a valuable tool to keep the greatest fans connected to your brand. For example, customers who often make purchases or who often respond to posts are extremely valuable to your brand. You naturally want to continue to provide those fans with good organic content.

Interact with Facebook Ads

Organic posts must coincide seamlessly with the Ads campaigns on Facebook. When an interested user ends up on your Facebook page via an advertisement, he or she is looking for more information. Organic posts of the same high quality as the advertisement are therefore essential.

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