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In Europe, Google controls about 90% of the total search engine market. For this reason, Google’s advertising system – Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) – is extremely popular among online marketers.

Because whatever target group suits your product or service, potential customers can always be led to your company. Google Ads allows you to be found exactly when the target audience is looking for you. Via the paid search results that Google Ads facilitates, it can make a real-time difference in your results. If you activate a campaign in Google Ads, results can be achieved within the same day.

It is essential to show the most relevant advertisement to your potential customer. It is wise to match advertisements as closely as possible to someone’s search. The linked landing page should also be devoted to answering someone’s question or need. It is possible that an ad does not cause a click to your website. In this case, you do not pay for the display of the ad. Google uses a Pay Per Click (PPC) model. So you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Because the Google platform collects real-time results, we can very accurately adjust ads and settings. Because whether it concerns leads, clicks, or conversions: using the right strategy, Google can enormously boost your online results. Certainly when used in combination with Google’s possibilities for remarketing, image and video ads, and Google shopping, you can start activating your target group today.

You are entirely flexible to focus on a specific location, age, interest category, or another self-composed target group. Do you want to start boosting your online and (inherent) offline results today?

Starting Google Ads today means…

  • Direct visibility in Google’s search engine.
  • Only pay for relevant clicks.
  • Adjust real-time data on specific KPI’s.
  • Gaining insight into which message does or does not work.
  • Deciding yourself who will or will not see your advertisement.
  • Choosing when your ads show.

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