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Photos, videos, and ephemeral (= temporary) content: that’s Instagram in a nutshell. Inspiration is the most important word, and with the expansion of functionalities such as Instagram Shopping, the channel is increasingly active in e-commerce. In short: Instagram gives plenty of opportunities to profile your company on Instagram through advertisements.

Whether you choose static images or video ads, count on a broad audience, because Instagram is used more often than ever before. It is a strongly visually oriented channel, which is all about eye-catching and inspiring content. Instagram ads are set up from the same clever system like Facebook, which means that the targeting options are endless.

Because most users visit Instagram via a mobile device, the ad must be optimized for the screens of smartphones, whether you advertise in the feed or via Instagram Stories. We are happy to think along with you to come up with the most beautiful full-screen advertisements that attract attention and encourage specific actions.

Why Instagram marketing?

  • Targeted advertising thanks to pervasive targeting options.
  • Mainly suitable for branding and identity, but also interesting for generating website visitors and conversions.
  • Various placement options, such as advertisements in the Instagram overview, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Explore.
  • Achieve a broad reach among your target group at a relatively low cost per impression.

Are you curious about how our Social Media specialists can optimize your Instagram strategy? Please contact us for an appointment (or call), and we are happy to tell you more about our approach!

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