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Instagram started in 2012 as a platform with the ability to only share square photos with the rest of the world. Since then, a lot has changed on the platform. For example, the images don’t have to be squares anymore, you can post videos and stories, and the platform has grown to more than 5 million Dutch users.

But these are not the only developments that the platform has implemented over the last years. For example, the chronological representation of the timeline is replaced by an algorithm that selects which messages a user sees. Of course, that cannot be otherwise, when users follow a few hundred accounts on average. The result of this algorithm is that, on average, 10% of your company page followers see your posts. This is because messages that generate a lot of interaction with the user take precedence over other organic content. So, that quickly clarifies the goal for organic posts: establishing interaction with your followers. But that is easier said than done.

There are some basic things you can try for a more significant organic reach. For example, the use of hashtags and emojis often helps your message. But to become top-of-mind with your target group, you have to take a few extra steps.

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