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LinkedIn makes it possible to get ánd stay in contact with current and future customers in a relatively simple way. In the world of B2B advertising, LinkedIn is undoubtedly a priority in our marketing strategies.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can advertise quite effectively in the B2B sector. However, this does have a downside: it comes with a big price tag. But by carefully determining who your target group is, you can keep the costs under control. Besides, all results are entirely measurable, so we can always provide you with a solid overview of all expenses and revenues. This is calculated based on clicks per 1000 impressions or when a message has been delivered.

Why LinkedIn marketing?

  • Using a specific company name, industry, or job title in combination with demographic data, you can target many relevant users.
  • If you become active with advertising on LinkedIn, you can generate more leads, increase your brand awareness, or recruit participants for events.
  • With LinkedIn, you always have full control over the budget.

Are you curious about how our Social Media specialists can optimize your LinkedIn strategy? Please contact us for an appointment (or call), and we are happy to tell you more about our approach!

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