Ask any Dutchman if they know, Marktplaats, or FonQ and they will most likely answer this question with a “yes”. The market for online marketplaces is getting bigger and bigger. And although this was previously seen as a threat, it is actually a great opportunity.

Where is a major player in the Netherlands, Amazon has this same status in America. Of all people in America looking for a product, 70% of them go directly to They skip Google in their process, and that means a potential miss in your impression share. Unless, of course, your company is present in one or more marketplaces like Amazon.

The success of these marketplaces lies in the enormous reach they generate every month. Do you have a relatively new company, website, or product yourself? Then it is not that easy to be visible online. It can be effective to use noticeable websites like or Amazon.

Partly due to the influence of marketplaces, e-commerce is growing very fast in the Netherlands. In America, most searches are no longer always done via Google, and that can also happen in the Netherlands eventually. Amazon is trying to gain space slowly but surely. Marketplaces will also be recurring in the Customer Journey.

Getting started with marketplaces requires some technical knowledge. That’s because, like Google Shopping, a strong product feed is required. Different marketplaces mean different requirements for such a product feed. Does your feed not meet the requirements? Then it might be completely rejected, or a selection of products might not be shown. We are happy to support you in optimizing or setting up your product feed.

Starting marketplaces today means…

  • Instant access to millions of potential customers.
  • Attracting customers who don’t know your company yet.
  • Using the confidence of a marketplace.
  • Easier international selling.
  • Increasing your online visibility.

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