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Microsoft Advertising works primarily the same way as Google Ads. The possibilities within Bing are slightly more limited, making Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) often overlooked. That is exactly the reason why you should explore the possibilities to include Microsoft Ads in your strategy.

Bing’s market share is approximately 7%. Bing processes over 180,000 searches per minute. Many companies underestimate how many opportunities these searches entail. And that is where you can take advantage.

For most industries, the click prices are lower within Microsoft Advertising than in Google Ads. That’s because, within Microsoft Advertising, there are fewer competitors. There is an entire target group that always starts his or her quest in Bing; they don’t come into contact with Google’s advertisements. Also, the click-through rate or ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR) on your ads is usually a lot higher within Microsoft Advertising.

Lower costs, higher CTR combined with a strong, well-optimized landing page: these are the ingredients of an effective Microsoft Advertising campaign. And starting with this channel is very easy because Microsoft made it possible to import campaigns directly from Google Ads. However, it is crucial to optimize those campaigns for Bing after the import.

Starting Microsoft Ads today means…

  • Low click prices.
  • Staying ahead of your competition.
  • Paying for relevant traffic only.
  • Adjusting real-time data on specific KPIs.
  • Coming into contact with your particular target group.
  • Deciding yourself who will or will not see an advertisement.
  • Choosing in which searches your ad appears.

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