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Pinterest is relatively new in the world of social media advertising. Of course, we have known Pinterest for a long time as the inspiration platform for users to get visual inspiration for their homes, clothes, and food. Create boards, pin, prick, and scroll: that is what your target audience comes to Pinterest for. And of course, it wouldn’t be a full-fledged social media channel if the platform didn’t also pay some attention to advertisers. And that is where we come in.

Since 2019 it is possible to advertise on Pinterest. The users mainly search for non-branded search terms, so the channel is particularly interesting for companies and brands during the exploratory phase of the customer journey. Increasing your brand awareness and actualizing clicks to your website can be done through Pinterest Ads. There’s no lack of targeting options on Pinterest, so we show your pins to people with specific interests or specific searches. Using the smart Pinterest Tag, we measure all campaigns and traffic on your website, which provides a lot of extra data.

Why Pinterest marketing?

  • A wide reach among a broad target group, which is very focused on looking for specific and inspiring content.
  • The shelf life of a pin is virtual without an end date.
  • The traffic to your website can grow explosively by using Pinterest.

Are you curious how and on which points our Social Media specialists can optimize your Pinterest strategy? Please contact us for an appointment (or call) and we are happy to tell you more about our approach!

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