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Being present with organic content on Pinterest. That is something you don’t often hear about in online marketing. Yet, it can be an enormous added value for many brands to be on this inspiration platform. Because inspiring others, that’s what it’s all about on Pinterest. And with 3.5 million Dutch users, there are enough potential customers ready to be inspired by your brand.

Don’t expect sky-high conversion rates if you’re going to post organic content on Pinterest. Users search for inspiration on the platform and usually do not come to the platform with a purchase intention. However, it can be an excellent addition to a branding campaign to include Pinterest. The significant advantage of placing a post (a so-called pin) is that it can be found for a very long time. Many people can have, therefore, noticed the presence of your brand and products over time.

Find your niche

Within Pinterest, several branches are performing well. For example, users often look for inspiration for furnishing a home. So when your brand is active within home & living, it is a platform to remember. Other popular topics include travel, beauty, food, and fashion.

Pinterest at FindFactory

At FindFactory, we have a lot of experience with Pinterest that we would love to share with you during a call or a coffee at our office in Tilburg!

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