Practical tips for amazing Amazon campaigns


Web giant Amazon officially set foot on Dutch (digital) soil at the beginning of this year. In this blog we help you through the jungle called Amazon.

The range of products on Amazon is continuously increasing, also in the Netherlands. How do you ensure that you stand out with that kind of competition? Keeping the lowest price as standard is one of the options you can consider, but you have to consider the margins and additional fees that you pay to Amazon. Before you open the ad tap further, it is good to take a look at the following tips.

Always determine your advertising strategy first. When you start using sponsored products, decide whether you want to manually target keywords, ASINs or product categories, opt for automatic targeting, or both? Are you going for fixed bids? Or will you choose a different bidding strategy? Do you only want to increase the visibility of a new product, or is the goal to generate more sales for your top products? Determining a strategy and setting goals and KPIs provides tools to work with.

Complete your product information

Just the way you want to make the content of the products on your site as complete as possible, you also wish that on Amazon. When a potential customer clicks on your ad, there is a possible interest in the product. You want to prevent this person from leaving again, for example, because the product images are unclear. The content plays an essential role in the eventual return of the campaign(s).

Analyze individual ASINs

Of course, it is useful to look at the overall performance of your campaigns. But if you want to make adjustments to yield, it is good to take a closer look at the individual ASINs. Each product is unique and has its margin and conversion rate. Are the costs per sale higher than the margin on the product? Then you want to lower the bids or check whether this is the right product to advertise.

Exclude words

As with Google and Microsoft Ads, Amazon offers the option to exclude keywords. By actively eliminating words, you reduce unnecessary costs. Amazon also provides a search term report. You can check this report from time to time to see where the ads are being shown. For example, do you sell a gaming headset that is only suitable for the PlayStation, but do you know that you are frequently shown on search terms such as Gaming headset Xbox? Then it is good to exclude “Xbox”.

Use automatic and manual campaigns

We still come across advertisers that find it hard to set up automated campaigns. It is certainly important to use manual campaigns because you have control over these campaigns. However, you often fill in these campaigns based on your own insights. A simple reason to run automatic campaigns alongside your manual campaigns is to gain additional insights. Many longtail keywords are used less often, so you probably haven’t included them in your keyword plan. The automatic campaign catches these longtail words and provides insight into keywords that you could not have imagined yourself. It is essential to use the same products in the automated campaign as in the manual campaigns. Do you see a keyword with excellent performance in the automatic campaign? Then add it to your manual campaign. This way, the automated campaign serves as input for the manual campaign.

Do you want to know exactly how to start selling your products on Amazon, what Amazon Advertising can do for your company and how you can use it? Our Amazon certified Sven has answers to your questions and is happy to provide you with our best advice! And without question we can set up and run all your campaigns for your company. Get in touch!