SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Being found when people are looking for your service or products without the help of advertisements is what SEO is all about. Of course, both you and your competitors want to be the first to pop up in search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. At FindFactory, we make sure that your website is indexed optimally, contains relevant content, and has the right backlinks.

What we don’t make promises about, are immediate high ranked positions and fast growth. SEO is always a long-term strategy. We tailor our advice specifically to your company and goals. We are honest, realistic, and eager to brainstorm. Are all goals clear and practical? Then we will work as hard as possible to make your website stand out in the crowd.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about building your website the right way, so that search engines can easily find their way around it. The technique of your website is comparable to the foundation of your house. If the foundation is built poorly, you might as well stop building the rest of the house.

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Web migration

Do you need to move your website to a different location on the internet? Moving it might seem like a simple job, but looking at it from an SEO perspective might suggest otherwise. What will happen to the SEO status of your website after the migration is always something to take into account.

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Content is everywhere. And in digital marketing, content plays an important role. But how do you create relevant content for your visitors, which also contributes to your SEO goals?

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Domain Authority

Word of mouth is possibly the oldest form of advertising. But is it old fashioned? We most certainly don’t think so! Within search engines, domain authority is the digital word of mouth. And at FindFactory, we know how to get people talking about your business.

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