Snapchat Ads for Business

Face swaps, special filters and special lenses, in other words: Snapchat. The strength of this social storyteller lies in the volatility of it’s content. After twenty-four hours, the placed stories have disappeared from the digital globe, which gives it a certain exclusivity. How to advertise (in up to 10 seconds of ads) through this medium? In no less than five different ways, namely with Snap Ad, Story Ad, Collection Ad, filters and lenses.

Based on different ways of targeting like demographic, geographical, device and interest targeting, we reach the right target group for your company, product or brand. These extensive possibilities make it possible to draw attention to a specific group of people. With the “Snap Pixel” we can also measure events, apply retargeting and set up look-a-like target groups. This pixel is comparable to the ones from Google and Facebook and the costs can be determined by, for example, CPM, Shares, Swipe-Ups or App Installs.

Why Snapchat marketing?

  • Snapchat users are known as active and very dedicated users, so they return to the medium with great regularity (on average about 25 times a day). Here they view, create and share new content.
  • With more than one million daily active Dutch users, which largely consist of target groups of 15-19 years and 20-39 years, it is a relevant medium to deploy for a broad and relatively young target group.
  • The volatility of this medium is also reflected in the section “Create Ads”. Here you can have an ad campaign up and running within five minutes.

Are you curious about how our Social Media specialists can optimize your Snapchat strategy? Please contact us for an appointment (or call) and we are happy to tell you more about our approach!

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