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Social media is the online environment where most people spent a lot of their time daily. You, as a company, should be visible within these channels. If not, a lot of opportunities are missed out on. It is, therefore, even more important to get your brand out there in the world of likes, shares and stories. We call this brand building.

But what is appropriate content for your company, and which platform suits your brand best? Matching your content to both the channel and your target audience is extremely important. Do you want to know more? Then read on!

Facebook organic

With more than 11 million Dutch Facebook users, it is safe to say that every conceivable target group is present on this online platform. The question that remains is then: how do I present my brand on Facebook?

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Instagram organic

Instagram is all about visual content. Beautiful photos and videos sometimes interspersed with a funny meme. Do you want to know how to participate on Facebook?

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Pinterest organic

When you about posting content on social media, Pinterest may not come to mind first. Yet, there are enormous opportunities for many industries on this platform. Is this interesting for your company too?

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LinkedIn organic

Everybody knows that LinkedIn is the business platform of social media. But what does an ideal business page look like? And how do your employees contribute to the brand?

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Twitter organic

How does Twitter differ from other social media platforms? Engagement is often many times higher for negatively worded posts than for positively worded posts. Why is that? Partly because it is often seen as a news platform.

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