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Not familiar with TikTok yet? This social medium is popular among the younger target group and now has around a million active users in the Netherlands. In other words: time to delve into this growing platform. The video app TikTok makes it possible to share all kinds of videos. However, these must fit in a sixty-second format, which you can enrich with songs, sound effects, and sound bites. The user-friendliness and striking content have ensured that TikTok has gained popularity in a short time.

All expressions are displayed full-screen, so you can completely go crazy with the design. So do you focus (partly) on a younger target group? Then TikTok can’t be missing in your social media strategy!

Why TikTok marketing?

  • On TikTok, you reach Generation Z faster than on any other platform.
  • TikTok is particularly suitable for campaigns aimed at reach and increasing your brand awareness among the target group.
  • Growing up in a digital world full of influencers, young people are no longer surprised by collaborations with influential users on the medium. So also consider the possibility of collaborating with youthful influencers.

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