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Despite the number of Twitter users steadily decreasing, there were around 2.5 million Dutch users in 2019. Of this, 40% was active daily. Due to the targeting options, on the other hand, it is still an interesting and accessible medium to get in touch with your target group, for example, with the use of Promoted Tweets. These allow you to bring a specific message to the attention of the desired target group.

It’s also possible to gain followers in a relatively short term through Promoted Accounts, the costs of which are calculated on the basis of “Cost-per-Follower”. Twitter also presents itself pre-eminently for advertisements related to current affairs. With Promoted Trends, you can respond to recent events and, at the same time, put your account in the spotlight.

Why Twitter marketing?

  • Twitter allows you to advertise in a targeted way, enabling you to set up relevant advertisements for specific target groups.
  • Advertising costs are advantageous because fees are only charged when actual results have been achieved.
  • This social medium gives your company, brand, or product a voice. You can participate in discussions and increase your brand awareness by being more visible. For example, by using a particular hashtag, linked to a specific event or action.

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