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Twitter is less and less often included in the social media strategy of companies. Partly due to the emergence of new social media platforms and their growth, Twitter is increasingly losing to its competitors. However, the number of users on Twitter has not decreased over the past year. With almost 3 million Dutch users, it remains a platform to take seriously. Does this mean that every company has to have a Twitter account? It all depends on who your target group is and what your objectives are.

When we draw up a strategic plan, it is essential to see who the target group is and where your customers are active. Twitter should also be included in this consideration. Is the target audience present regularly on the platform? Then we will see how we can address them via Twitter.

Content on Twitter

What content is doing well on Twitter? An important part of generating reach within Twitter is in the search function. So it’s essential to use relevant hashtags that ensure that users find your tweets when looking for your content.

Twitter is a quick medium. Content always remains discoverable, but a tweet can quickly disappear in a timeline. It is, therefore, vital to keep repeating your content. Of course not in the same words, but always in different packaging. Adding media, such as an eye-catching image, also helps to stand out in a timeline.

A head start with FindFactory

Determine, find, and appeal to the target group. At FindFactory, we can do that like no other. Are you curious if Twitter might be the right platform for your message? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you want to know more about Twitter and its advertising options? Then take a look here!

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