Digital management


We are digital experts that love to brainstorm about the goals and strategy of your company. A creative campaign that surprises your future customers or a detailed SEO roadmap? Our professionals can’t wait to start.

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We love to achieve ambitious goals together with you. By looking at the data daily, we strive for the highest achievable result. We work on the outline of your strategy and set both longterm and short-term goals for the future.

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At FindFactory, we believe in an omnichannel strategy. This way, we make sure the entire target audience is covered. To do this, we use SEA, social media, Youtube, influencer marketing, and content marketing. Our optimization is always omnichannel.

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The knowledge of our professionals is always up to date. By keeping our skills up to date, we can assure you that your company will always ride along on the newest digital marketing trends. Would you like to learn something new yourself? Take a training at our office!

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Our happy customers

Over the past years, we have been working with a lot of great companies. Every year, new happy customers join us. Can we add your logo to this list soon? We can’t wait!

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Rob Bogaers

Founder & digital consultant